How to add a blog post

This video will show you how to add a blog post to your CRMLS WordPress site. You'll add a title, content and a photo. You'll click on post on the main menu on the left side to add a new blog post. Pick a title that has some keywords so that it will help you with your Google SEO. You will also want to repeat those keywords in your content at least two other times. Make your goal to have at least 300 words in your blog post. You can use Microsoft Word to type your blog post and use the word counter that is visible on the bottom tool bar.

Click on gallery on the right hand side to add a photo. You can add more than one photo if you'd like. This will create a slideshow for your blog post. Nice feature to offer your viewers.

The process to add a video is the same, except you'll click on video instead of gallery. You'll want to copy the embed code from YouTube and paste that code in the video area provided.d