Marketing with NFC technology

What is NFC? NFC (Near Field Communication) is a tapping technology that allows any business to share digital content with anyone. A simple tap of a phone within two inches of a NFC sticker will transfer the intended marketing piece and be displayed on a mobile phone.

Apple Pay has changed the way we view NFC overnight. Apple Pay has now set the standard for NFC tapping for payment. Most Android phones now offer built in NFC technology and can be used to tap any NFC terminal for payment or any NFC display for content delivery. NFC within the iPhone is limited to Apple Pay and is expected to open to all NFC in the next hardware and/or software release.

NFC technology has been available on today’s mobile phones for the past few years. Companies like MasterCard, Disney, Panera and many others have offered a tapping option to pay for products and services. Google introduced Google Wallet to store credit and debit cards with a secure way to pay. As cool as this concept was a few years ago, it is just now being noticed by many consumers.

Bank of America has produced a great commercial that shows how simple, secure and convenient NFC can be for everyday living. This is just the beginning of a new social and mobile era.

NFC In Real Estate

Imagine consumers driving by your listing and tapping your listing sign for more information. The flyer box can also have a NFC tapping option to present any of the following options:
The NFC response can send consumers to many options:
– listing details of the property
– single property website
– launch a virtual tour video
– launch introduction video
– like a Facebook business page
– offer a promotional coupon
– and much more

Open houses can also utilize NFC technology by asking to tap a flyer or sign for the following options:
– open property details for property being shown
– offer a promotional coupon for home inspection or appraisal
– use as sign in sheet and capture information
– like Facebook community or business page
– any other creative content

Listing signs can have NFC technology, encouraging consumers to tap and view property information, a virtual tour or any other online site.

NFC And Home Financing

NFC is great technology for real estate bankers. Imagine having consumers tap a NFC sticker at an open house or first time buyer event. You can also create a marketing piece to share with a real estate agent you are co-marketing with. Consumers can direct that request to offer any of the following type of promotions:
– a coupon for a free home appraisal
– quick loan app
– down payment assistance program
– request for approval letter
– any other type of offer to encourage engagement
The easier you make the request for information, the greater the increase you’ll have with consumer opt-in for your services. Partnering with real estate agents and offering these type of complimentary services is a great way to co-market and grow your lead generation strategy.

Imagine using our mobile real estate websites and having a button that sends consumers to the quickest loan app lead page available today. A couple of clicks and an email address and you’ll be notified by your next new client. NFC can send consumer directly to this page on the real estate agent’s mobile website. This is another great way to partner with real estate agents and bring value to their business, resulting in value for your business as well.

Utilizing NFC In Everyday Communication

Most business owners have a business card and it is their first marketing piece handed to potential clients. Very few of these business cards are kept. You can carry a NFC enabled business card and have potential clients tap the card to have your contact information sent to their phone. This creates an immediate connection to a potential client that most of your competitors won’t have.
You can also carry a NFC marketing piece to encourage consumers to like your Facebook business page to keep them current with news you share.

There are many ways to utilize NFC technology in any business. One thing is for sure, those that utilize NFC strategies have a great opportunity to increase their business in a variety of ways.


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